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Ramping It Up

Ramping It Up
December 18, 2021 Larry Simmering
In Round Rock Helpers

Some of the biggest projects that Round Rock Helpers undertake are ramps for improved home access.

All Helper’s exterior ramps are constructed of treated materials to ensure a long service life in outside weather conditions. Additionally, the exterior ramp surface walk is covered with material to provide reduced risk of slipping in inclement weather.  The slope of a ramp  determines the length of the ramp . The slope used by Round Rock Helpers is one foot length for each inch of height.  This is conservatively below the ADA (American Disability Act) maximum specification, providing the user an easier ride up and a more easily controlled decent.  Several examples of the many ramp projects are shown below.



These two pictures are examples of a simple single step transition ramp used to provide wheel chair access between the garage and house.




This exterior wheel chair ramp included a platform to provide capability for the user to make a sharp turn coming out of the home before entering the ramp. Its length is 12 feet.




These are good examples of different exterior ramps.  On the left is a 16 foot ramp for a client who needed hand-height railings. On the right a standard 24 foot wheel chair ramp.



Above is the most ambitious ramp project Round Rock Helpers has built to date.  The total length of the ramp is 50 feet and provides access to the ground from a mobile home.  Because of the limited size of the lot and the height of the entry way, the walk way had to be wrapped around in a U-shape with a platform midway to allow a wheel chair to comfortably make the U-turn.


Sometimes, steps are all that is needed and we have done that too.





Simpler yet, if all that is needed is a railing added to an existing structure, we can do that.  On the left a painted pipe railing; on the right is a wood railing added to an existing long walk way.