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Welcome to Round Rock Helpers

Welcome to Round Rock Helpers
July 11, 2021 mm9488

Welcome to Round Rock Helpers. We are focused on people age 55 or older, including the disabled residing in the city of Round Rock (or with a Round Rock address) and all members of First United Methodist Church of Round Rock. The program provides maintenance and repair services for the home, with a key focus on safety issues.

Round Rock Helpers will prioritize home repair projects based on need established by the following criteria to community residing people who are:

  • In need of geriatric or medical support (such as changing light bulbs, changing air filters, installing grab bars, building ramps, etc.)
  • Feel uncomfortable seeking help from an unknown source
  • Referred by another helping agency.

Round Rock Helpers focuses on household safety and maintenance. General household remodeling is not within our scope. On a case-by-case basis, Round Rock Helpers reserves the right to decide whom they will or will not help in compliance with our nondiscrimination policy. If we are not able to provide service to an individual, we will do our best to refer them to a local tradesman.

The client must be the homeowner and occupant, with the exception of rental property needing the installation of safety aids such as grab bars, ramps and smoke detectors or furniture adjustment. Installation in a rental property requires written authorization from the owner/agent.