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RR Helpers

Round Rock Helpers being presented a Recognition Award by the Mayor at the Sept. 13, 2018 Round Rock City Council Meeting.

Welcome to Round Rock Helpers

Round Rock Helpers is a Christian based handyman program of Seniors helping Other Seniors in the City of Round Rock with minor home maintenance and repairs.

Round Rock Helpers focuses on seniors, age 55 and older, and the disabled clients residing in the city of Round Rock (or with a Round Rock address) and all members of the First United Methodist Church of Round Rock. The program provides maintenance and repair services for the home, with a key focus on safety issues.  Round Rock Helpers does not do routine lawn and yard maintenance.

If you need assistance from Round Rock Helpers, contact us at  or email us at RoundRockHelpers@gmail.com

Round Rock Helpers focuses on people age 55 or older as well as the disabled residing in the city of Round Rock as well as all members of First United Methodist Church of Round Rock.

Round Rock Helpers volunteers provide minor home maintenance and repair service with a key focus on safety issues in the home – typically work that can be completed in about 3 hours.

We are volunteers, homeowners like yourselves, mostly retired who give some of our time to help the Seniors and Handicapped of Round Rock. For our Frequently Asked Questions, click the BUTTON below.

In order to request service, we need to gather a bit of information. Simply click the BUTTON below then complete the information on the form. Someone will be in touch with as quickly as possible..